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We supply a range of products for all industrial purposesWe supply a range of products for all industrial purposes including, coating metal work and machinery, steel construction, general metal fabrication, and epoxy pool, garage and factory floor coatings.

Our product range includes single pack air dry enamels, quick dry enamels, 2 pack urethanes, etch and anti corrosive primers, with systems offered for minimal cost options at one end to high durability and performance at the other.



Automotive fleets, trailers and agricultural equipment are commonly finished with these coatings, as are more specialized products requiring specific performance characteristics. We stock a wide range of sundries, abrasives and solvents through to spray equipment and health and safety products.


Come in to store or give us a call on 09-4433430 for advice, specifications, Technical data and MSDS sheets on all of our products for any project you may have.



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